COVID-19 Testing

We are offering RAT to enrolled patients only. If you are not enrolled at our practice, please refer to government website for more information.

If you received a positive COVID-19 result,

please log your results in via or call 0800 222 478 and press option 3. In some instance, for example, if you have other pre-existing conditions our general practice team may contact you. But for the majority of patients most people can safely isolate and manage their symptoms at home and will not be routinely contacted by our general practice team.

If you are struggling to breath and are experiencing other medical issues made worse by COVID-19. please phone the clinic. If you are unable to get through and require URGENT medical assistance, please go to the nearest A&E or call 111.


Pre-departure COVID-19 Testing

We offer pre-departure COVID-19 testing to our enrolled patients only. If you are travelling overseas, it is your responsibility to find out what your travel requirements are then contact us to arrange testing. Testing cost is $230.00 and this is to be made directly to the clinic for all associated costs of testing, including the laboratory analysis.


COVID-19 Vaccination 

Our clinic is not participating in COVID-19 vaccine rollout. For more information, please contact
COVID helpline on 0800 28 29 26.